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The Change Challenge

I’ve been so overwhelmed by huge change in my life lately - both professionally and personally. As someone who has made it through tragedy, deep loss, and a … [read more]

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Program Launch!

My friends, it feels good to be back. After moving through some health challenges, I am relieved to be getting into my groove again. I am so excited to share … [read more]

Worked out

I Love Sweat

I honestly feel that sweating is one of the best things in the world. I never feel more relieved, de-stressed, content, peaceful, or empowered after a good … [read more]


Teacher of the Light

The sweetest thing happened in my house the other night. I was practicing a beginner Kundalini meditation on my living room floor. Even though it was a short … [read more]

Trust pic


For me, trust is a daily practice. There have been plenty of situations in my life to deter me away from the process of trusting the universe. I’m pretty sure … [read more]